ZkTeco Access Control Systems

ZkTeco Access Control Systems


At Motion Tech, we understand how important it is to get the most reliable and up to date security solutions around to best keep you, your family and your property safe. When it comes to protecting your home or business, the right access control product can have a huge impact on the security of your property. Although we have many different items and brands to choose from you cannot go wrong with a ZkTeco product. They have been keeping our homes and offices safe for over 20 years thanks to their innovative designs and pioneering inventions. Boasting world-leading Hybrid-Biometric Verification technology, ZkTeco products are renowned as some of the most reliable security solutions around. Implemented in offices and homes all over, their technology is leading the way for security in South Africa and all over the globe.


The History of ZkTeco


ZkTeco was originally founded in 1985 where their small team worked on developing the fingerprint algorithm which would revolutionise security systems all over the world. Just three years later they were able to launch the ZK fingerprint algorithm as well as their own business application integration package. One year later, ZkTeco with Identix in U.S, announced the civilianization of the biometric identification technology and changed forever how the world would see security. Over the years they continued to develop fingerprint readers and powerful software, always staying ahead of the game. 2007 marked a big year for ZkTeco as it was the year they first launched their TFT time and attendance management products. Whilst releasing this into offices and buildings all over the world they also made huge advancements in WIFI and GPRS wireless communication technology. This then lead to the new generation of wireless security control and time management. As the years went by their access control systems went from strength to strength and continued to stretch all over the world. In 2011 they launched the first in the world embedded face recognition camera, BioCam100, and once again changed security forever.



ZkTeco access control system latest news

Recently, representatives of ZkTeco have been travelling around to proudly display their latest technology. Attracting thousands of visitors from all over, these visitors were able to see their latest products, such as; Green Label series, flap barriers, parking barriers, metal detectors, elevator control systems and ZKBioSecurity. The Green Label series applies ZKTeco revolutionary SilkID fingerprint sensor, providing ultra- superior performance towards dry, wet and rough fingers. The very latest release from the ZkTeco team is the new PFace202 access control system which boasts high verification speeds, advanced access control functions and a huge 1,200 face templates. As they have come such a long way in such a short space of time it’s truly exciting to think where they will be 10 years from now.


Access control products

If you are thinking of either updating or adding access control systems to your property then there are many fantastic products from ZkTeco that you can choose from. Knowing that Zkteco have rightfully gained such a stellar reputation over the years makes them an easy choice over other competitors. As there are so many to choose from we thought we would help. Here, at Motion Tech, we thought we would highlight some of the most popular access control products to hopefully help you make an informed and easy decision.


The IClock990 is one of ZkTeco’s most powerful and modern time attendance system. It boasts incredible features, such as; a stunning and intuitive user interface, 8000 fingerprint templates, 10,000 RFID cards, 200,000 transactions and a built-in powerful battery. Due to its impressive capacity and capability it’s ideal for any medium-large businesses. This product perfectly combines Hi-Tec security solutions with an easy to use, reliable time attendance system. Boasting unrivalled performance, speed and power, this system has everything you could ever need.


The KF100 is a fantastically designed time and attendance system perfect for a medium sized company. Designed with a familiar tablet style, this product contains 400 face templates, 1000 RFID cards and 80,000 transactions. Although a little smaller than the IClock900, it still has a very impressive verification speed and a crystal clear display.



The MB200 access control system provides a building with a strong time and attendance solution. Perfect for a smaller business as this product can store 400 face templates, 500 fingerprint templates, 1000 RFID cards and 80,000 transactions. Although smaller than other devices, this product is extremely powerful. This innovative system features advanced fingerprint and face recognition technologies. It supports multiple verification methods including face, fingerprint and password combinations. This product not only makes data management extremely easy but is also a powerful means of keeping your building safe and secure.


ZkAccess 3.5 Access Control Software:

This new and highly powerful software has been developed with the user in mind, making this easy to use and wonderfully reliable. Compatible with all of the ZKAccess standalone reader controllers, this impressive software can simultaneously manage access control and generate attendance reports, making life a lot easier. This software has an impressive amount of applications, such as; real time event monitoring with door status icons, embedded fingerprint registration tool, door interlocks for mantrap control applications, multi-card opening groups for high security doors, link personnel to photos for visual verification, maps and floor plans can be imported and you can even easily programme advanced access control features.


ZkTeco access control systems can provide a building with a strong, secure and extremely reliable means of security. Whichever product you choose, you can be assured that it will both protect your property and log data easily and efficiently. The reputation of ZkTeco reaches all over the world as they are well known for their reliability, innovation and Hi-Tec software. Their talented team of designers are constantly working to improve and advance security, all over the globe. Constantly at the forefront of security solutions, ZkTeco are always the perfect choice.


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