Residential Security Estates in South Africa

 Residential Security Estates in South Africa

South Africa is a breathtakingly beautiful country, full of incredible things to see and do, but unfortunately, for all its positives it does have one large negative, crime. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, ranking highly with places such as Venezuela and Honduras. As this is the case, residential security estates in South Africa have seen a healthy increase in popularity. Choosing to live in a secure residential estate has huge benefits, such as 24/7 surveillance. Living in a place where everyone wants to stay safe can provide residents with a feeling of safety, community spirit and confidence. Knowing your family and home have a line of protection everyday allows you to relax knowing you are doing what you can to keep them safe.


Murder, assault and kidnappings are sadly a prominent issue for everyone living here, in South Africa, so it is clear to see why more and more people are going further to defend their homes and keep their family safe. South Africa has the highest murder rate among countries that have a population of 35 million or more. The official statistics show that in 2016 there were 18,673 homicides, whereas last year there was less, 17,805, which means the murder rate has actually increased in the past year and now averages out to about 50 people being killed a day. The figures also show that last year there was a shocking 142.2 sexual offences per day. The unthinkably high number of violent crimes in South Africa each year is what has caused people to turn to drastic measures to stay safe. It is also important to know that robbery has increased since 2015. There were 56,447 cases of aggravated robbery in 2016 which is up by 5.23%. Not to mention that carjacking is up by 14.3%, common assault is up by 2.2% and residential robberies are up by 2.7%.


Although all these awful crime statistics makes for some terrible reading, we are here to happily say that we can help! It is our job to provide only the strongest, most durable and up to date security solutions in South Africa. All of our products have been vigorously tested to provide you with peace of mind that your home is being effectively protected. We know that you can’t put a price on your and your family’s safety, but we are confident you will find our prices very reasonable considering the quality of products we offer. As crime is our customer’s main concern, safety is all we care about. Whatever security solution you choose to have from us you can relax in the knowledge that it is not only made of the highest quality but also includes the most modern technologies around.


Even if your residential security estate already has some security solutions in place, you can never be too careful. We have hand selected some of the most durable, reliable and tenacious security solutions for South Africa that we think could improve your residential security estate. From the always reliable CCTV cameras to the ultra modern biometric systems, we have something that will help keep your estate safe.





CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and has been commercially available since the 1970’s. Since its creation, CCTV has helped stop, prevent and even solve millions of crimes worldwide. As camera and television technology improved so did CCTV equipment. Thanks to these fantastic technology advancements, we now have high-definition as standard for our surveillance cameras. A clearer, sharper and more in depth picture means it is much easier to see the face of the criminal caught on camera. One of the brilliant things about CCTV is how powerful its presence can be. Unlike other types of security solutions, you can actually scare off any possible criminals by just having CCTV at your property as it has a powerful, imposing and authoritative stature. As you can never tell if the cameras are on or not, the majority of criminals wouldn’t risk it. However, if you did have an intruder who decided to break into your property, then our cameras can capture high definition images of the suspect. We have a range of CCTV products to choose from, from a 4 channel to a 32 channel system. We also have weather proof and vandal proof cameras to ensure server weather and intruders cannot damage the integrity of the system. They are all easy to set up, come in a range of megapixels and are very user friendly. For example, the “_____Insert link here___” is weather proof, records in full HD and has a range of up to 30m which makes it the perfect safety solution for your home.


 Biometric Systems


There is nothing more advanced than a biometric security solution, with an element of science fiction about it, these advanced products deliver a personal, powerful and reliable line of defence against all types of criminals. For top of the range security in South Africa, biometric readers are unrivalled in state-of-the-art technology and leading the way in modern security solutions. Fingerprint and face recognition software provides the user with safety of mind knowing that their home is protected by the most progressive security technology around. Reliable and durable, our biometric systems are tested to the highest of standards to ensure we only stock the best around. For example, the BIOCAM 300 with embedded facial Recognition Access Control Camera is one of the more powerful biometric systems. It has a clear 7 inch HD screen and 1.3MP camera able to read up to 400 different faces which it clearly displays thanks to its 1280×720 images.


Boom Gate Barriers


If you are looking for strong, durable and secure security solutions in South Africa then a boom gate barrier might be perfect for you. It’s the first line of defence for a gated community that not only perfectly controls the traffic flow, but also provides a powerful road block to pedestrians and vehicles. We have a great selection of boom gate barriers that we design to be custom built and once supplied, we will then install and maintain them.


Spike Barriers


Spike barriers are a more drastic form of defence that are sure to keep out any unwanted vehicles. Powerful, reliable and heavy-duty, the spike barrier controls traffic through the combination of a barrier arm and spiked floor. Implementing this security solution into your residential security estate is a great way of showing to anyone that your estate is well protected and highly secure.




Turnstiles are a brilliant way of not only effectively controlling foot traffic but also controlling who enters the residential security estate. Customised and installed, this security solution can provide residents with a feeling of safety and reliability knowing that something so strong and durable is protecting the entrance to their estate.


Electric Fencing


An electric fence is the strongest first line of defence that you can provide to your residential security estate. The voltages supplied through the fence have a range of effects from simply uncomfortable to painful, to even lethal. The shock will depend on a number of factors, such as; voltage power, energy of pulse, amount of contact and the route of the shock. Installing an electric fence as a security solution is incredibly important as the actual quality of the installation can affect the how effective the fence is. An electric fence has the capability and fear factor to ward off any possible criminals thinking of entering the premises. Having a reputation for giving such powerful shocks means people won’t risk touching it.


Supply, Install, Maintain



All our security solutions are quickly supplied to you and installed to the highest degree. Once your product is up and running we will also help to maintain your security solution by completing any repairs needed. Here, at Motion Tech, we understand how important it is to efficiently set up the security of your estate. We are here to take away as much stress and concern from you as possible and by making everything as effective and efficient is just one of the ways we do this.


Security in South Africa is an incredibly important part of everyday life. Knowing you live in an area that is highly protected, secure and has up-to-date security solutions means you can relax in the comfort of safety.


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