RoboGuard Outdoor Beam- Each RoboGuard senses the presence of an intruder at 20 meters in an arc of 110° Two Dual-Element Passive Infra-Red Sensors The Roboguard is housed in a Poly-Carb abs plastic blend and provides a robust, weatherproof protection Anti-tamper switch protects RoboGuard detectors even when it is switched off UHF surface acoustic wave resonator ensures “spot on” reliable radio communication through walls and steel structures. Algorithm selection for intruder detection almost completely eliminates false alarms. Choose from a selection of algorithms to cater for: extreme weather, large birds etc. 30 micro-amp current consumption 8xC type batteries give extended life (2+ years typically) Due to wireless nature nearly impervious to lightning Roboguard HQ= Each RoboGuard system comprises an HQ, plus individual RoboGuard outdoor beams, covering large areas of your property

The Roboguard HQ can be connected to your alarm system or used as a portable early warning device The RoboGuard has a detection range of 20 meters at 110º The range from the HQ to each RoboGuard is 400 meters. A repeater station can be added if the transmitting range is poor or can be doubled up to 800 meters from and to the RoboGuard HQ This could be you first line of detection whether you are living in at a small cottage or on a large property Outdoor detection always gives the user a window of opportunity to make that one emergency call – with a pre-warning you will have the upper hand when you are at danger The RoboGuard are installed in suitable locations throughout your property where they carry out their lifesaving mission – to detect and report all intruders’ 24-hours a day Each RoboGuard detector has an individual signal that is used by the Roboguard HQ or receiver for zone identification, once activated the HQ will both give you an audible and visual indication Up to eight RoboGuards can be connected to the HQ and monitored for individual tamper, alarm and 20 minute auto-test.

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