Electric Fence Certificate of compliance

Electric Fence Certificate of compliance

EFC’s (Electric Fence System Certifications of Compliance)

Electric Fencing Legislation is nothing new, having been first introduced the 12th August 1988 as per Government Gazette no. R.1593 to which all electric fences had to be in compliance of, including subsequent amendments, as published from time to time.

Revised Legislation, as per Government Gazette No 31454, published the 25th March 2011 became effective on the 1st of July 2011.

The EFC’s (Electric Fence System Certifications of Compliance) became effective from the 1st of December 2012.

In terms of this Legislation an EFC (Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance) is required under the following circumstances:

Any new electric fencing installation from 1 December 2012.

– Remember, all electric fences installed from the 1st of July 2011 must be fully compliant with this Legislation.

All properties with electric fencing sold from 1 December 2012 are subject to an EFC, irrespective of when the electric fences were installed;

– There is currently a lot of confusion around this issue. The Department of Labour has, however, confirmed that this is indeed the case. Remember, electric fencing Legislation has been around since the 12th August 1988.

In terms of any changes, additions and / or repairs, a certificate is required and must be issued when a change, addition and / or repair is made to any existing installation as follows:

– Restringing of any existing electric fence;

– Additions to any existing electric fence such as extending the electric fence (even by only 1 metre);

– Major repairs to the electric fence, such as a section of electric fencing that has to be replaced (i.e. bracket / s and wires);

– Replacing the old energizer with a new one (note, not repairs to, and thereof).

Motiontech Security is a market leader in the inspection of electric fences and issuing of EFC’s (Electric Fence System Certifications of Compliance).

Who do we cater to?

The sellers of properties with electric fences;

Property owners wishing to comply with Legislation. Remember all electric fences installed prior to the 1st of July 2011 are deemed to be compliant, provided they were installed in terms of Legislation that prevailed at the time of installation;

Property owners querying the validity of their EFC’s (Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance);

– As with some purchasers querying the validity of their electrical certifications, many more query the validity of their electric fence EFC’s;

– This is quite simply due to electric fencing being that much more visible, masses of information on the internet, as well as insurance company requirements. Indeed, some insurance companies are now repudiating burglary and fence damages claims due to electric fences not meeting legislative requirements in terms of their EFC’s. Owners are aware of this and want to ensure that they are indeed 100% compliant.

The EFC process is as follows:

Due to the amount of work and time involved, the site inspection and issuing of the EFC is not free.

Motiontech charge a standard fee of R850 and is strictly based on the erf / stand size, irrespective the electric fence length.

Should you wish to proceed in terms of the above, please e-mail or contact our offices.

You will then be quoted the applicable compliance certification fee.

Inspection of the electric fence installation.

If the fence is found to be compliant, issuing of said EFC.

If remedial work is required, quotation to bring fence up to minimum Legislative compliance requirements.

If quotation is accepted, remedial work to the electric fence.

Issuing of EFC.

Should you have any further queries, or are unsure about the legislation, please feel free to call and ask as we are more than willing to advise and guide you.

In Order to comply with new legislation, every home owner where an Electric Fence System is in use, is required to have an Electric Fence Compliance Certificate (EFC).

We have teams of trained Certification Officers that will perform a complete inspection of your electric fence system at your home, residential complex or business premises.

If your fence is found to be compliant, we will issue you with the required EFC certificate which remains valid for a period of two years.

Should your electric fence system not be compliant, we will supply you with a complete report of the required changes to make your Electric Fence Compliant and at the same time, we will have one of our accredited installers issue you with an accurate quote for all the work required. All our inspections are done strictly according to the parameters set out in the legislation and regulations. Our Certification Officer will explain every item that does not comply, together with the relevant criteria, to you. This offers you complete peace of mind that by dealing with us, you get the facts! Once the work is completed by one of our accredited installers, we will issue you with the required compliance certificate. To find out more about the legislation, the requirements, the inspection process and some valuable information relating to the regulations, scroll down to the next section on this page. You are also welcome to use our enquiry form to send us an enquiry via email and we will respond with all the information you may need.

Should you wish to book an inspection, please complete the fields on our “ENQUIRY FORM” page or call us on 072 330 7235