Access Control Systems

A strong and reliable access control system is crucial to keeping your property as safe as possible. These security systems not only physically prevent people from entering your property but can also help to keep track of who does. Although basic security control measures can include fitting security gates and electric fences, we provide this and much more by offering some of the most advanced access control solutions in the industry. We have a fantastic selection of biometric access control systems, all of which can provide you with the most advanced security solutions around.

Our wide and diverse range of access control solutions boast some of the most up to date technology around, from biometric readers to vehicle control systems, whatever it is you need we will have something for you.

Biometric readers are some of the most advanced biometric access control products around. These access control systems combine modern fingerprint scanning technology with strong, robust materials to provide a security solution like no other. We also specialise in proximity readers with credit card sized solutions that slip effortless inside your wallet or purse and provide immediate access to restricted areas.

We have the widest selection of high-end, high-tech and up to date access control systems around, designed to keep you, your business and your home safe from intruders.

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Our Access Control Systems